When you walk through the door of our traditional sweet shop you will be transported back to your childhood and happy times.

All of us have very treasured memories linked to particular sweets, perhaps you went with your granddad to dig the allotment and shared a bag of toffee or maybe you enjoyed dipping your liquorice stick or lolly into some sherbet/Kali with your friends in the playground.

Did Santa always bring some sugared almonds for your mum? When watching your favourite team did you chomp on some peanut brittle or perhaps you had to buy extra strong mints to disguise smells on your breath!

Here in Yorkshire most of us have a link to a traditional sweet manufacturer. Anyone who grew up in the York area will remember Rowntree's, Terry’s and of course Craven's run by the matriarch Mary Ann Craven, but did you know Maynards had a factory in York too. Who can forget the smell of chocolate in the early mornings over the city.

If you grew up near Pontefract then Liquorice will be your main memory. Pontefract cakes are world famous and still a favourite sweet in our shop. Joseph Dobson is still based near Leeds at Elland, manufacturing by traditional methods – their Yorkshire mix and mega lollies are a best seller.

Further down the country into South Yorkshire you come into Bertie Bassett territory.

The aim of our shop is to trigger all these happy memories and our mission is to ensure you leave the shop with a bag of your favourite sweets and a smile on your face.

On Monday 30th November 2015, Helmsley was announced as the winner of the "Best Market Town" category in the annual "Great British High Street" awards.

The judges said:
"In another incredibly tough category, Helmsley fought off some fierce competition from Chipping Norton and Colne. Helmsley’s business group showed passion and collaboration, and impressive marketing and local branding."Visit the Great British High Street website.

We appeared in the November 2014 edition of Delicious:


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Interesting Sweet Fact

Did you know? Aniseed is a herb that comes from a flowering plant called 'pimpinella anisum' . The plant is grown in the Mediterranean and comes from the same plant family as parsley and coriander. 

It is made using extract from the coltsfoot plant which has hoof shaped leaves.